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Countryside Investigators classroom activities

Teachers can choose from a bank of 20 Classroom activities, two for each of the 10 rural jobs. The activities are simple to set up, practical and include other elements of the website such as the videos, games and quizzes.

Each activity has a lesson plan detailing learning objectives, resources required, timings, curriculum information and extension ideas. All of the notes have been written by experienced primary school teachers.

The activities are accompanied by copiable worksheets to provide instructions and to enable pupils to generate ideas and record notes or results. The complete lesson plans with worksheets can be downloaded and printed as PDFs.

The Classroom activities are based on a number of popular themes from National Curriculum subjects including: Geography, Citizenship, English, Science, Maths, Art and Design & Technology. Please note that the curriculum links on these PDF files currently refer to England and Wales only but the activities can also be based on the following Scottish Curriculum for Excellence subjects: Social Studies, Science, Literacy, Health and well-being and Expressive Arts.


Differentiation has been included in the range of Classroom activities. The lessons cover a whole spectrum of abilities and teachers can pick the ones that suit their pupils’ needs the best. While a lesson on honey-tasting for example might suit medium to lower ability pupils best, another one on researching and writing an ad for a vet practice might be more appropriate for higher ability pupils. Rather than including detailed differentiation in the lesson plans, we leave it up to teachers to match the activities on offer to their pupils’ needs.

The Countryside Alliance Foundation advises teachers to download the Health and safety checklist for classroom activities.

Classroom activities:

You can download individual classroom activities and worksheets by clicking on the appropriate link above or using the navigation panel on the left.

Classroom activities:
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You can download all 20 classroom activities and worksheets in one Zip file, by clicking on the link above.