Country estate lesson plans

Estate manager activity 1: Web write (1.49 MB)
Pupils learn about the role of estate managers and what happens on Country estates, particularly with regard to conservation.

Estate manager activity 2: Wonderful willow (1.39 MB)
Pupils learn about growing plants and creating a wildlife area.

Riverkeeper activity 1: Water blogged (1.02 MB)
Pupils learn about the role of a typical riverkeeper.

Riverkeeper activity 2: Help a river (1.08 MB)
Pupils learn about conservation projects which benefit river wildlife.

Falconer activity 1: Birds of prey in action (1.07 MB)
Pupils learn about falconers and birds of prey, discovering how hawks and falcons are adapted to survive as predators.

Falconer activity 2: Falcon gallery (982 KB)
Pupils learn about the individual birds of prey that falconers work with by creating paintings and information panels about them.