Farm lesson plans

Welcome to the Countryside Investigators classroom activities about farming. Please download your PDF lesson plans. All lesson plans include pupil worksheets.

Farmer activity 1: Farm zoom (1.2 MB)
Pupils find out what real farms look like and how they shape the landscape.

Farmer activity 2: B&B brochure (973 KB)
Pupils design a brochure advertising a farm B&B holiday using ICT.

Farm vet activity 1: Use your ad (1.28 MB)
Pupils learn about what farm vets do by creating an advertisement for one.

Farm vet activity 2: Vet visit (1 MB)
Pupils learn about the work of farm vets by meeting one and asking questions.

Gamekeeper activity 1: What is it like to be a gamekeeper? (1.14 MB)
Pupils learn what being a gamekeeper involves and what skills might be needed.

Gamekeeper activity 2: Dog drama (1.13 MB)
Pupils learn about the countryside code and the role of gamekeepers in protecting nesting birds.